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Iconic HFH double action hinges

Howard F Hudson (HFH) is a hardware distributor that has been operating since 1901. We service the retail hardware industry by supplying a range of specialist brands, most of which are exclusive to HFH.

Why Choose HFH:

HFH is a specialist in door hardware that is renowned for its high performing double action spring hinge. We deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Product Categories:
  • Hinges - Commercial Single Action
  • Hinges - Commercial Single Action
Target Market:

HFH offers a vast range of hardware products aimed at the Retail Hardware and Builders market.


Hinge Size Door thickness Load bearing Maximum door size
75mm up to 28mm 10kg per pair 2040 x 620mm
100mm up to 35mm 20kg per pair 2040 x 820mm
150mm up to 45mm 40kg per pair 2340 x 870mm







1. Sometimes it is advisable to put three hinges on the door if there is a concern about the weight or excessive usage of the door. If that is the case, it is recommended that two hinges should be fitted closer to the top of the door and one in the normal bottom position. This seems to be a tried, tested and successful method of installation. However, remember that the load bearing as shown in the table below needs to be adhered to in order for the product to work as it should.

2. The hinges carry a warranty against product defects only. This does not include incorrect usage, tensioning or installation. It is highly recommended that the instructions are read in full before any installation is attempted. No consideration will be given concerning warranty if the hinges show any sign of incorrect usage, tensioning or installation.

3. The top hinge should always be placed higher than you would normally fit a standard butt hinge. Its fine to locate the bottom hinge where a butt hinge would generally sit.